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About Us - Its Guy Code
guys being served by woman

What Is Guy Code

Guy Code is the unwritten and written code that all guys must follow in order to be a man. It involves doing everything you can in order to achieve a goal usually having to do with getting laid. More over, Guy Code is not limited to the pleasures of female flesh but also being a powerful man able to control many things at once. Guy Code is both the overt and covert ritual of the spiritual, mental, free, and physical pursuit of the female sex or anything having to do with victory. Guy Code is the means used to obtain power, dignity, honor, accomplishment, and the conquest of life heavily revolved around the female sex. All doubters who would dismiss this notion would be lying not to admit that women occupy the mind of men throughout the day or at least the physical aspect of women do. Guy Code requires all men to honor his “true friends” above and beyond anything having to do with monetary value, food and even sex. Take our hand in a non homosexual way, and begin your education with us.

Who We Represent

We represent every guy out there that who enjoys food, folks, fun and the fairer sex (women only) all while living free or die while attempting a threesome.

Who We Are

We are a group of men dedicated to preserving masculinity in a society trying to be pimped by feminism and we are winning triumphantly.

What Inspired Us

A simple line in the famous movie Old School triggered us to start the movement. Guy Code had finally hit the mainstream perpetuated by Hollywood and we could wait no longer. It opened our eyes to a new horizon of thought that must be preserved and shared with all men who practice Guy Code both consciously and unconsciously. LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!



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