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Engagement Ring or .50 Caliber Barrett ? E-mail
Written by Micheal Savage   

barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle

A Barrett 50 Cal or an Engagement Ring?

I am a lower middle class guy who had the benefit of saving a shit ton of money over the years (lived with parents lulz). I went to college, got a degree and was lucky enough to land a job afterward. I own a house and my mortgage is low as balls. Thank god for liar loans but that's another story for a different day. Okay my problem is this, I have around 13,000.00 to spend on either a nice engagement ring or a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. How did a Barrett .50 caliber rifle come into play? Well I am a real fucking man and I wanted one for years. To me a Barrett rifle sums up a man's masculinity quite nicely by quality and force. I also want a wife but I reservations about that too if that means spending 13 K on a diamond. By going over the point of a diamond engagement ring and the self serving benefits of a Barrett .50 cal, I or yourself will come to the conclusion about what to do with that 13,000.00.

The purpose of an diamond engagement ring is for your fiancee to wear ten plus grand on her finger so she can brag about it to her friends. The diamond is not a sign of your affection toward your fiancee but rather a bribe so you can marry her. all this ring is to your fiancee is a materialistic device to make her friends feel like shit about the inadequate size of their engagement rings. I thought Love was something a little more genuine than that but thanks to Hollywood and diamonds, love is just a bonus if you happened to land a chick who is capable of it. If you think your "would be" fiancee really loves you then ask her would it be okay to just get wedding bands as opposed to spending 10 plus K on an engagement ring. See what true love really says after you pop that question to her. Want a hint? Her answer rhymes with foe which is what she becomes when you go through divorce proceedings.

A Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle is a true expression of how a man should be treated. The .50 cal is loyal, strong, protective, faithful, sexy, powerful, and will always possess undying devotion to you and perhaps one day even your son. Is this fantasy making more sense to you now? A Barrett can make a man feel just the way he was meant to be, which is powerful and unconquered. I mean have you ever seen a picture of a guy holding a Barrett .50 cal who wasn't happy? Exactly. A Barrett is like a Super Bowl party that never ends. When was the last time you saw a guy smiling when he dropped 13 K on a fucking diamond ring? Exactly. Shop smart, shop S-MART and buy a Barrett .50 cal.

How long do marriages last these days? Anywhere from 2 to 7 years. Women are so emotionally unstable thanks to Feminist bulk dykey lies about egalitarianism. Because of this women have no practical understanding of accountability of their decisions so its no wonder marriages are fleeting in nature these days. Why would I want to shell out 13,000 plus on a ring that the bitch would keep after we got a divorce? I would much rather spend that on a Barrett rifle that will be with me until then end rather than a ring that will send me into divorce court causing me to drop another 13 K plus on lawyer fees. So do yourself a favor, buy a Barrett for the real reasons of love rather than a Hollywood symbol of female bragging rights or better yet, find a girl who loves you for you. Good luck on that one too..

guy holding barrett 50 caliber rifle

 This Guy Is Happy

Okay the guy holding the Barrett 82 A1 has a retail value MSRP of around 11,000. As you can see this guy is married so his wife must be a Smoking Gun to have let him buy this superior gift to himself rather than shelling out 11 grand on a blood diamond from Kimberly South Africa. How confident does this guy look? I bet he goes to work everyday with the intent to slap his boss in the face. That's how confident this guy is. When you have a Barrett .50 caliber rifle there is no need for the little blue pill, you will have a hard on for life!


 Big Ass Wedding Ring

I find this picture quite fitting for the occasion of comparison. The love your would be fiancee will have for you will last as long as the ice cream in that cone will stay cold. Is an ice cream cone really worth 13 K plus for finger jewelry? If you have power ball money then sure but the rest of us certainly would say no. Women always keep their effing wedding ring in divorce settlements anyway. So why bother paying that much for a ring when you can get a girl who doesn't care about such things? That and you can buy a Barrett 50 cal instead. I would and did. Biatchhh. 

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Bozmiester   |75.57.171.xxx |2009-04-04 10:58:46
.50 cal
carlo   |65.3.244.xxx |2009-04-23 09:18:35
buy the fiance a 50 ring from the Convinient Store.

Its her child
hood fantasy i promise.
Anonymous   |72.24.160.xxx |2009-05-21 17:39:25
buy like a cheap couple hundred dollar ring...then by the .50 cal
bow down   |64.105.135.xxx |2009-05-28 15:25:59
Definitely go for the .50 cal. Literally more bang for your buck. When you get
married and drop 13k, no booty fuh ya.
Anonymous   |74.243.234.xxx |2009-07-16 11:16:49
Buy the ring are you kidding?
Scott   |76.84.180.xxx |2009-07-26 16:08:18
Barrett Rifles also makes the Barrett 98Bravo. This rifle is .338 Lapua Mag.
This rifle looks like a .50 rifle, shoots like a .50 rifle and can reach out
almost as far as a .50 rifle. You can pick one up for $6000 with accessories.
Then, go blow $2500 - $5000 on an engagement ring that she wants. Hell, you
still have money left over for ammo and beer!!!
Anonymous   |69.143.109.xxx |2009-08-06 02:23:18
You can feel like a real man and buy a niper rifle that you'll only ever shoot
at targets on a range and deprive it of it's true purpose, or you can be a real
mn and join the military and become a sniper, if you can acctually handle that
thing. Just saying, 13K is a lot of money to boost one's ego. Be a real man
and compromise like Scott said.
Eddie  - Buy the .50 cal   |208.11.8.xxx |2009-08-27 07:12:01
You should have your head examined for even considering buying a $13,000 ring.
The .50 cal will NEVER EVER EVER divorce you!!!!!
Richard   |64.89.144.xxx |2009-09-20 16:09:11
.50 Cal. Better to have distance from the pink mist should she ever cheat.
jhop   |70.144.135.xxx |2009-10-14 07:19:35
hahahaha. I got that! hahahah. exactly. treat yourself, rings are cliche, cheat
on me and deal with the Barret. hahaha
Paul   |207.255.78.xxx |2009-10-27 11:12:10
Get the .50, a good woman will understand. If she doesn't, get a new one.
They're cheap.
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