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Written by The Elder   


 When Manscaping Goes Wrong

Some guys are really funny but their humor would be better received if they used proper manscaping. In the picture above notice the gnarly ass hair that takes away from a well played joke. Most people wold forget about the message tattooed on the ass check and just remember the asshole fro in the picture. Guys, when wanting to get close to the ladies or to display yourself in a fashionable light please practice manscaping. It will deliver better results and increase your gross factor ten fold.

Don’t be over zealous when starting this process of shaving. You will need to get rid of the mangled forest before you can actually use a razor. The best thing to do is to get an electric shaver with a close shaver guard. Shave all the hair off around your crotch spot and even down your thighs if you are related to Chewbacca. Once the pubs are all gone you can begin using a razor.

The best place to use the razor is standing in the shower. This way you can kill to birds with once stone , shave your crotch and then take a shower to wash off the unwanted trimmies. The whole point to shave your crotch is to not look so intimating down there. You want to attract a girl to want to bury her head in your crotch. So in order to do this shave a pattern in the patch directly above your shaft.I personally am a really big fan of lighting bolts but a straight line all the way up to your happy trail works just fine.

If you have all ready gone this far you might as well trim your boys too. By boys I mean your Committee Makers down below, you know you balls. I know this sounds scary but its really no big deal. If you want you could use the electric shaver but the best thing to do is to run the water cold as balls, pun intended to get shrinkage going. Shrinkage is important because it make your balls tight up so they can be shaven with a razor. You literally can shave at will and not worry about slicing your sack open. Just make sure your boys have retreated and are in the form of a tight leather bag. Remember, if you shave your balls she just might lick those too.

Manscaping doesn't end around your twig and berries. If you have a hairy ass back or ass in general you should get rid of that too. However this lesson was strictly on your club sandwich. If you want to get laid or just show off your goods, please manscape before you show your desired audience what a hairy ass you have. Cleanliness is next to godliness and having a shaven crotch is the same damn thing.


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