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Top 10 Daughters of Famous Singers to Bang to their Own Songs E-mail
Written by T.J. Mackey   

lionel richie and nicole richie

1.) Nicole Richie & Lionel Richie

You may remember Nicole Richie from the Simple Life with Pairs valtrex Hilton. I would like to begin by conveying that I always liked Nicole. I thought she was cool chick and was willing to get down and dirty then go to Cookout afterward. Again I digress. If I were lucky enough to crush Nicole Richie the Guy Code in me would to bang her to her father's hit song Hello.I seriously wonder what Nicole Richie would have done if her dad's ht song was being played during intercourse.

stephen tyler and liv tyler

2.) Liv Tyler & Steven Tyler

Liv Tyler is wholesomely beautiful but does not rise above this hilarious thought of Tom Foolery. I would bang Liv Tyler to her father's hit song "Janie's Got a Gun". If you are familiar with this song you will notice there is a deep drum smash at intervals during the song. Every time it smashed I would thrust my hips in synchronized motion to that sound. Mean while I'm laughing my ass off and Liv is freaking out about some guy banging her to a song about a father molesting his daughter. If you are a guy then this is hilarious, if you were the girl, you'd probably call 911.

miley cyrus and bill ray cyrus

3.) Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus

You probably know exactly where I am going with this one. First of all, Miley Cyrus is absolutely gorgeous and fully hot in her Party in the USA video. I actually like the song as queer eyed as that sounds but I liked Miley in those cowgirl boots even more. However, if I were to bang Miley Cyrus I would do it to her fathers only hit song "Don't Tear My Heart, My Achey Breaky Heart". I'm sure she would absolutely freak out but what a Fraternity scandal that would be go Kappa Alphas!

ozzy osbourne and kelley osbourne

4.) Kelley Osbourne & Ozzy Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne isn't exactly a hot piece of ass but her attitude does give just to some guys weenies out there. More over, I am a chubby chaser so I think that would explain this choice. So when I took Kelley back to her dads house and started to bang her in Amy's guest house I would smash to her father's hit song Crazy Train. You know, get her doggy style and yell "ALL ABOARD!!!!" as I grabbed her hips and pulled her back. I would then finish off by yelling, "AYE AYE AYE" in the beginning, slap her ass three times. hahaha.

gene simmons and his daughter

5.) Sophie Simmons & Gene Simmons

Yes, yes and yes, finally Gene Simmons has to worry about who will be tagging his daughter the same way he tagged so many other guys daughters. Poetic justice if you ask me but I still liked Kiss. Anyway, I would rail Sophie over 18 years of age Simmons to "Rock N Roll All Nite". In addition to while I was shrimp boat captaining her lovely firm ass, I would try to promote KISS merchandise in the process. Mainly autographed pictures of my penis after it was KISSED by the lovely lips of Sophie Simmons. A KISS value of 40.00 sold to your for the low price of just 19.95 plus shipping!

elvis presley and lisa marie presley

6.) Lisa Marie Presley & Elvis Presley

Rumor has it that Nicolas Cage has already done what we thought of in the pool room of Planet fitness. Nonetheless since we didn't know Nicolas Cage had already done this we would still like to take credit for it. I would bang Lisa Marie Presley to her fathers hit song"You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog". Cliche maybe but hilarious it would be. After doing more research we discovered this was the reason she divorced Nicolas Cage who was an avid Elvis Presley fan.I would also like to ad we would bang Lisa Marie Presley mother too. She is smoking as hot.

rod and kimberly stewart

7.) Kimberly Stewart & Rod Stewart

Kimberly Stewart is drop dead hot. She was even hot after she fell off that motor cycle and embarrassed herself beyond the paparazzi's wet dreams. So, lets say I pickd up Kimberly Stewart at a club with a little bit of help from Russel Brand. I then convinced her I was a large stock holder in Du-beers South African diamond mines. So she gets me back to her flat and I begin to make the magic roll in. I pop in my Ipod and as I start to make her barked like a dog I play her father's hiot song "Do YouThink I'm Sexy". The funny thing is Kimberly probably wouldn't even recognize it. Oh well, I Love blonds.


8.) Mick Jagger & Georgia May Jagger

Bitch. Yes to make love to Georgia May Jagger to her father's hit song "Don't Tear Me Up". This song has everything. It has rock, it has attitude, it has spice, it has sass. It is perfect. The song title itself is more revealing than the actual lyrics. Yes Jagger, I would love to tear up your daughters orifices starting with my tongue, fingers and penis. I bet Georgia would have no clue to the song being played during my rump fest. Oh well, it only matters to me, the same with my orgasm. 


9.) Gavin Rossdale & Daisey Lowe

 Daisy Rebecca Lowe (born 27 January 1989) is an English fashion  model who has modeled for editorial photo shoots and commercial advertising campaigns and has worked as a runway model. She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, (the singer/songwriter) turned textile and fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale, the front man for the band Bush. Gavin banged Daisey's mom when she was 16 years old. Damn nation. Now Gavin, its our turn. If I were to bang this posh superficial little cream bruley I would serial crush her to Bush's MACHINE HEAD.


 10.) Keith Richards and Theodora and Alexandra Richards

 Theodora Dupree Richards (born March 18, 1985) is the daughter of Patti Hansen and Rolling Stones guitarist  Keith Richards, and the older sister of Alexandra Richards. She is an international model. They are both fully hot and need to be sprayed by the wet surf of Man Gravy. Keith, I'm sure you have plowed many a man's daughter and this time the sons of those very men must return the favor with your daughters. If I was to bang Theodora and Alexandra it would be at the very same time to "Take It So Hard" by Keith Richards. Do I need to even need to explain the song?


The Bonus Round.) The Donald & Ivanka Trump

Okay, I know Donald Trump is not a famous singer but I couldn't not resist. I must say that I think Ivanka Trump is gorgeous but I am still going to tell it like it is. Imagine being the lucky guy to serial crush this epic babe. So picture yourself whaling Ivanka Trump's ass like you were Captain Ahab and you deliver your climax grunt of supreme pleasure while grasping on her hips. Once you deposited your load all over her back you then say in your most Andrew Dice Clay demeanor (but your best Donald Trump impression), "Ivanka, you're fired".


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