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Written by Trey Parker   

dj heavygrinder

DJ Heavygrinder Bio & Fantasy

"A native of Seattle, HeavyGrinder currently resides in Los Angeles where she is a part time student, and full time DJ. At age thirteen, she began to actively pursue her Love of music and being on center stage by taking up vocal training and modeling. After years of traveling and successful model work, she made her way to LA in 1998. It was in the City of Angels that she realized her new love, cozying up to the sounds of underground dance music, captivated by the power of the DJ and the reaction of the crowd."

I first came across this ship summoner on a facebook forum. Yes my first thoughts were, "Wow she is hot". Then I started to read a bit and realized she was hot and talented. Nonetheless, with a guy its always the outer picture but as far as female DJ's goes, she is amazing across all facets.

While she toured in Raleigh NC, I had the pleasure of bumping and grinding on the dance floor. It's always funny to see someone in person after seeing their likeness posted all over forums. I confess, I stopped bumping and grinding and just starred at her. I was hit by the classic Asian fantasy syndrome. She looked like she had wings flying over Solas. If you don't know what hot is, it was her spinning the tables and acting like no one else was in the room, just her and her music. That was hot. Sorry guys, she is definitely immune from Guy Code but by all means try. 

 DJ HeavyGrinder Website

Find out where you can see this beautiful Asian spinning on the ice of house music. If you like good music and ,ooking at an even prettier picture, check out DJ Heavygrinder. For Realzzz


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