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Written by T.J. Mackey   

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 This Woman Is Sexy

Let me tell you what I see when I look at Paula White. A woman who is on the market if the money is right. She is a tv evangelist whose niche is desperate people and men who are in Love with her. Leaving that aside, I'm sure she has done the bear minimum to rationalize her gratuitous fortune as a pastor. The problem at hand is how sexy she is. What couldn't you get in life if you were that charismatic and hot? Paula White basically blew her way to the top by finding a niche in being an evangelist. 


 Check Out Her Moves

I can not keep repeating how sexy she is so I will just get started. Do you know the kinds of things I have imagined? I think they would reserve me a front row seat in hell. I mean seriously, the kinds of things I would eat out of her asshole. She has got the looks, the moves and she can shit a shitter!  She could triple her fortune if she published a book about all the back room affairs she probably has had over the years. That's what people want to read about. Not call your show and give you money. Make it worth their while. Write  book on your illustrious erotic fly on the wall affairs!


 Am I being Too Harsh?

All I can tell you besides how hot Paula white is, is that my pastor doesn't have a website begging me to donate money to it all the time. I mean sure we pass around the  offering basket but that money goes to the church not to his steak dinners, luxury cars and 3.4 million dollar house. This woman (who is damn sexy) even has a store where you can buy stuff with her name on it. YOU'RE HEALED!!!!


The Best of Paula White

This video is great because it shows a lot of her body and facial expressions. She makes a lot of healing faces and releases. Now, you guys out there can look at those faces and apply them to her bedroom faces. They are the same thing! Yes, those same faces are Paula's actual sexual tension faces! Pretty damn sexy. 


 Paula White Divorced 2007

In an article published in The Tampa Tribune on May 20, 2007, when Paula's husband (Randy White) was asked whether he's contemplating a divorce he replied, "No one can predict the future." On Thursday, August 23, 2007, Pastors Randy and Paula White announced to their congregation (Without Walls International Church) that they would divorce. Randy White stated, "I take full responsibility for a failed marriage 100 percent. I don't blame Paula, and I don't blame other parties. But as the man of the house, I take full responsibility for that." He also said, "I want to apologize for the poor decisions I've made in my life, to my congregation and to the body of Christ." Dorreen Fawkes, a former administrator of Without Walls International Church, stated that "They grew at an unbelievable speed. It became less about God and more about self-promotion." 


 Paula White's Sexy Legs.

Seriously look at those paper cutters she has going on there. I also find it humors her vanity being displayed before her own eyes on stage. She has a camera so she can see how well she is communicating her ruse, I mean her money sucking sermon to her followers.  I would take off her shoes and let her walk all over my back. Seriously, the woman is smoking ass hot. I would love her to yell the gospel as we are making sweet sweet love to god! I know, I'm going to hell but I will be playing a piano with Paula White dancing on it on the way there!


 Paula White You're All That!

Don't get this title confused with a self help message. No. This is Paula's covert message to herself. You are damn right Paula is all that!  She basically wrote a book about herself just changing the character around as well as her millions of dollars she was earning to make the reader think they too are special. This woman is dangerously intelligent and can market the hell out of herself. Do you seriously think she could have done it if she were a disgusting fat Thelma? 


 Dis-ingenious Motives

"Paula White has received criticism from some Christians for promoting a prosperity gospel. Paula White’s ministries took in $39.9 million in 2006, according to an audit of Without Walls and Paula White Ministries released in June by an independent Clearwater accounting firm. Paula White used about $28.6 million to help promote her church's programs, conferences and outreach efforts, the audit said. A former staff member for Without Walls International Church named Hector Gomez said, "Mansions, big planes, money, fame. That's what it's all about now; there are prophets for God, and there are prophets for profit. That's the category they fit in." and that he has received "more manipulation than inspiration" from them. Larry DeLaRosa, who left the church in 2000, stated that "They've Randy and Paula White built an empire and used it to gain their own financial wealth."


 I'm A Sexy Phony! 

"Religious people make for the best comedy...Some of the best were in the 80s. Before your time maybe. Jim & Tammy Baker were like the best. What makes them so good is their ability to convince lower intelligent people that its real and to give them all your money. One of the very best was Rev. Ernst in the late 80s. He had people convinced he could heal them. He was better than Benny Hinn. But you never saw him at a hospital. He made millions of low IQ people."


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Neo  - so what about the other religions   |117.231.192.xxx |2013-07-04 01:25:12
So what about those who bow down before lifeless idols,give all their wealth to
Vatican,Mecca,Hindu Shrines etc ultimately promoting religious extremism,hatred
and violence all over earth...they are more idiotic and mentally retarded than
people who follow this "nice" pastor...think people.
Neo  - Need understanding.   |117.235.147.xxx |2013-07-04 03:12:32
Many Bible prophecies have been fulfilled till date.Jesus himself fulfilled more
than 300 messianic prophecies proving that he is the Jewish Messiah/Christ who
is to come.All these fulfilled biblical prophecies give credibility to Bible as
God's word and prove that God is real.Here is the link for fulfilled biblical
/10-fulfilled-prophecies-of-bible.html?m=1 ,you can verify them and know that
Bible is God's word to mankind.

The same Bible restricts women from taking the
position of senior pastors of the church-that is being in authority position
over adult men and teaching them-for the obvious reason you showed in this
article about Paula White-Senior Pastor-New Destiny Church-that is becomes
sexual distraction and lead to sexual perversions rather than spiritual

This understanding that God's word-Bible is true and real and why
it has some seeming restriction...
Neo  - re: Need understanding.   |117.235.147.xxx |2013-07-04 03:15:27
This understanding that God's word-Bible is true
and real and why it has some seeming restrictions for our own survival and
benefit is vital to shape the new world order,where all mankind is united in the
love of Lord Jesus Christ.
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