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10 Steps to get laid at the Bar E-mail
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1. Willing to spend one months salary in one night

It is important to look like you have the ability to make it rain and being able to throw around one months worth of scratch to impress a chick. If you are one of those guys who thinks it doesn't matter how much money you make, these steps are for you. girls at bars are materialistic weasels who want a guys to give them nice things. The pay off is fooling them if you are a Run of the Mill wage earner but you got to splash around in the bed with them. Jokes on them, so please enjoy.


*It is important to know that these steps will only work in an environment conducive to dark lighting, dancing and lots of people. You will not necessarily need to use all 10 to get laid but practice makes perfect.





2. No drinking Stay Sober

Do not order an alcoholic beverage for two reasons. One, you don't have enough money to buy yourself drinks let alone chicks you are trying to score with at the bar. Two, you want to be in control the whole time you are spraying game at your target audience. If you are focused and they are buzzed you will be better able to pick apart their body language and their true intentions. So at all costs stay sober, if you are one of those guys who need a buzz to be brave then drink at home before you go out.

3. Direct Eye Contact When Talking

peaking to someone with direct eye contact is almost a lost art. If you maintain direct eye contact with a girl it sends an intense feeling just as long as youd o not have bug eyes. Throw in a smile or two when she speaks back to you. Most of the time Women can not handle a guy looking into their eyes (especially someone they just met) so she will be looking around the room as she speaks to you. This is a good sign, almost like a dog rolling over on her back to show you she is submitting to the alpha dog. If she stares right back at you make sure she is not in sales. If she is then move on to the next one.

4. Remember Her Name And Eye Color

When you introduce yourself to a girl and she graces you with her name use it right away. You must be able to remember her name for the duration of the hit. A good way of doing this is by introducing her using her name to you Navigator or bar tender if you are a loner. More over, if another guy is also talking to her, tell the girl to close her eyes and ask the guy what color her eyes are, when he stumbles around like Where's Waldo, you mad him look a fool and the girl is digging you.

5. Buy Her Drink Within 4 Minutes

After establishing a rapport with her (getting to know her for the laymens) offer to buy her drink and this must be done within 4 minutes of talking to her. If you are a bold man, and she already has drink, offer to do her one better and drop some cash on some Grey Goose. Basically you pull a Al Pachino in the movie Carlito's Way. "I ask you to give the good stuff and you bring out this cheap shit".

6. Compliment Her Shoes

Women Love clothes and feel rewarded when their fashion sense is rewarded. Once you have run down the list slide in a compliment about her shoes. It will make her look down to admire them herself giving you an unblock and unwatched shot of her breasts. More over, ask her where she got them and give her the line about how a pair of heels really makes a women look sophisticated. If you have knowledge of designers save it for another time. Just give her a quick oh why thanks you, I really like your shoes, she should talk about them on her own for like 5 minutes just go with the flow.

7. Know How To Dance

If you know ho to dance you are a step ahead of the curve. Most guys think dancing is hysterical and have no interest to learning. If you get a few moves down you can make it fun. If you really know what you are doing then you can lead her because she will probably only have a few moves herself. The leading part is key, if you are a damn good dancer you can lead her right out of the club and into your bed (recommend you go to her place so you can leave after you drop the bomb on Nagasaki).

8. Compliment Her Nails

A woman's nails is another was of flattering her. Get to know a few types of nail styles so you can bust the move on which ever she has. Compliment the nails and ask where she gets them done and she should waster 2 to 3 minutes talking about herself. More over, find the newest trendy nail or toe nail color and recommend it to her. I have great success with the color My Chihuahua Bites (orange pink mixture). It will give you a chance to point and click over her hands or feet and you would look like a guy with some knowledge and fashion sense.

9. Concert Tickets

If you are making some pretty good head way and maybe even like her more than just a quick stick um up and spank it move, present some concert tickets. It's a chance to continue the avenue of sexual Sex beyond the night of meeting her. It buys you some time to make her think you're a nice guy so she will not feel bad about sleeping with you the day after she met you.

In addition to, these concert tickets can also be fictitious concert tickets. something you use to wow her and get her on board but later change the subject t something else and avoid the concert topic altogether. We are currently have great success with the fictitious concert tickets but relates more to the dark side of Guy Code.

10. Have Cocaine (aka attitude adjuster)

If the hour is late and you are desperate enough cocaine may just be your ACE in the hole. If it works with strippers it will work during last call. We like to call cocaine the attitude adjuster. Girls who normally wouldn't have paid you the time of day always change their tone when you have the tot tootsie good bye powder. Remember cocaine only works for the girls who have been around the block and have experimented but girls who are hanging around during last call are open to anything. Remember, if you can't when at the bar with cocaine just try a strip club. They will be lining up to ride the white rocket train.

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