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The feminists as we know them are a dying relic from the pre 1960's. The Women who hate physical intimacy with men are now taking over the reigns of this inequality business of feminism. Neo feminists are emerging and causing a more obnoxious outcry on the status quo of equality. They want to be equal but special at the same time or something. These girls were the last to be picked for dodge ball that's why it is out of the public school system.


3 Illegal Alien Babes End Their Hunger Strike E-mail
Written by Matt Stone   

illegal alien protest  Three Women, all of whom freely admit that they came to this country "illegally" as children and who still are illegal, ended a two-week hunger strike yesterday. The trio had hoped to pressure Sen. NC Kay Hagan into signing onto the DREAM Act, an immigration reform bill. My question is why the hell didn't someone arrest their sorry asses? They were confessing their guilt and no one arrested them. Typical of the chicken shit generation. I can be as mean as I want, they are breaking the law.

Gay Husbands Straight Wives E-mail
Written by Senior Staffie   

Some Women are duped into marrying men who turn out to be a bobbing for apples Sissy Mary tennis tickler. Well, when you don't put out to your husband for over 12 years what do you think is going to happen? Change the menu. No he's going to close the restaurant and you are going to say he's gay. Well, he just maybe gay but you married a guy who loved window shopping as much as you do. What did you expect would happen? That you could change him? 

Ingrid Newkirk Peta Founder E-mail
Written by The Elder   

ingrid newkirk speaking Ingird Newkirk is  slag from the United Kingdom who is against people having pets. Well, she is also against eating meat and cruelty to animals. Ingrid started this self important crusade many years ago and stemmed from her not getting asked to a formal dance by an un-named chap from West Minister. Since that day Ingrid has struggled with many thing in life but found a made up purpose as the founder of Peta which stands for People Euthanizing Transient Animals. 

Jessica Valenti Neo Feminist E-mail
Written by The Elder   

Jessica Valenti has recently popped up on the radar as an emerging Feminist launched from the cyber world. She is more like a Neo Feminist due to her cavalier way of informing her listeners about what the "real" truth of feminism is according to her. This is an informative article about Ms Valenti and explains to men how this sexy, young woman broke into the market with her physical attributes getting her foot in the door and then surprised everyone with her over exaggerated accusation that Women truly have no rights at all and men are all sexual predators who make women do things they do not really want to do.

Meghan McCain is as Relevant as she is Fat. E-mail
Written by Trey Parker   
meghan mccain is fatI couldn't help but notice Meghan McCain on the news the other day. Meghan seems to be desperately struggling to find a purpose in politics so she doesn't have to get a real job. Just kidding, she's loaded, this is just her vanity trying to break into the world of significance. She is a classic example of why a woman needs to spend less time talking and more time working out. Seriously, she looks like a bad slim fast diet which will be displayed in glorious details followed by pictures full of hilarity.  If John McCain contacts us asking us to remove this article we will.

Peta Meat Eaters E-mail
Written by Matt Stone   

If you have not already figured out what PETA stands for we will spell if out for you. PETA is the abbreviation for People Euthanizing Transient Animals. Peta is a covey of feminists and limp wristed men who have had their testicles snatched from them and put in some sort of EQUILIBRIUM USELESS chamber for safe keeping. At least thats what the feminists told those XY chromosome males who were foolish enough to give in to them. Don't those guys know that there are Women out there who Love both kinds of meat ( and I'm not talking chicken and beef ) ? Real women love real men and they both eat meat. I refuse to eat vegetables to just get hungry 20 minutes later and feel better about my choice. I intend to delve into the psyche of Feminist PETA women and men along with the deep physiological issues that cause women to take on crusades that will never win. It almost sounds like the type of women who does not leave an abusive relationship. hmmmmmmmm.

Smiley Face Killer's Identity Exposed E-mail
Written by The Elder   

feministing smiley face killersThe Smiley Face killers are an alleged group of serial killers who pray on young college men by luring them away from their friends and kill them by drowning them. The police are reluctant to admit this and have labeled the majority of the 40 deaths as accidental deaths. Two investigating retired police officers along with the FBI have come up with a theory on the identity of the Smiley Face Killers, a COVEY OF BULL DYKES.

The Chicken Shit Generation 1990-Present E-mail
Written by The Elder   

crying little kid I'm so sick of young males being a bunch of entitlement babies when they don't get their way. This new generation is going to be the death knell of western society because there will not be enough real men to carry the damn water. These kids bitch about everything and anything they don't like as though they have lived beyond the age of 16 and seen it all. They are a chicken shit generation who rebel against anything remotely resembling authority. I bet these candy asses are going to have their parents email their boss when they land their first real job when something doesn't go their way. Suck it up you chicken shit generation.

Virginia Ironside on child suffering (smother the baby) E-mail
Written by The Elder   

 virginia ironsideVirginia Ironside is a leftover relic from the days of the Final solution. She is a believer in killing babies who are born with genetic defects against the will of the parents. 

What Happened to the Men At Work Signs? E-mail
Written by The Elder   
women working sign

 Remember seeing the men at work signs on the side of the road? I sure as hell do and like the Dodo bird, they have gone extinct.I mean seriously, when was the last time you actually saw a construction sign that specifically read "Men At Work" or "Men Working"? I'm sure you would say that you have seen signs that read "Workers Ahead" but what happened to the "Men At Work" signs?I will give you two guesses but you will only need one!

Code Pink Feminists Defined E-mail
Written by The Elder   

code pink protest Code Pink is a group of angry feminists that are against war and anything else the gender gap can offer their coffers. There is nothing more dreadful than a group of feminists all trying to speak at once. Most of the time one on one is a torturous occurrence but to have self righteous bra burners out in the open is delirious. This article defines the types of people ( Women mainly) who make up the group Code Pink and what they really stand for. In addition to, please watch the video of the Code Pink girl get her ass handed to her by her daddy for disobeying the authority of society's greatest symbol... THE POLICE.

Girl Approved Hair E-mail
Written by The Elder   
axe hair crisis logo"AXE, the leader in men's grooming, has created a hair care line designed specifically to meet guys' needs and gives them girl-approved hair". Sounds like a bunch of Feminist mischief to me. Who would have thought the most demeaning commercials to the female sexuality would turn soft. Apparently AXE is no longer a Guy Code product and sold out to the perspective of a chick who frequents Starbucks.
Jennifer Aniston "The Switch" & Single Parent Feminism E-mail
Written by The Elder   

switch jennifer aniston Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston says she wouldn't have a baby via artificial insemination like her character in her latest movie 'The Switch'. Aniston appeared in a magazine stating she was going to have a baby. However it was just a smoke and mirror tactic used to promote her new movie "Switch". The movie focuses on how Women don't need men and that woman can have babies without needing a man in the child's life. Funny, most kids who grow up without a dad either turn to drugs, pornography, crime or gay-les-bi.

Man convicted of Rape after Having Consensual Sex E-mail
Written by The Elder   

Sabbar Kashur A Palestinian man has been convicted of rape after having consensual Sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew. I am not defending religious preference here but this is completely inane. I lie all the time in order to sleep with Women and I'm not in jail. I say things like, I'm a lawyer, I have a penthouse in New York City, I make six figures, I am a trust fund baby, I own a yacht. This guy lied about not being muslim in order to get laid and he is being charged with rape by deception. WTF?

Pelosi Most Powerful C-Word in Washington E-mail
Written by Matt Stone   

nancy pelosi is a skeleton House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  took a muted victory lap today after the historic House vote on health care reform, but didn't dispute a description of her clout in helping win passage of the bill. Pelsoi is use to fucking to get to the top of any ladder but uses the black widow method as soon as she is done mating. There is no wonder how she manipulated her way to the top looking the way she does. I guess she knew all the skeletons in her closet of black mail considering she is the biggest one. LULZ

RAPELAY: Rape Game For Computer E-mail
Written by The Elder   
rape lay japanese rape gameSo the perverted Japanese have made a game that focuses on raping Women. This doesn't surprise me at all. I have friends who are Marines stationed in Japan and they say Jap guys are sexual weirdos. I guess dropping that A bomb did some real damage which the feminists will probably blame on us too. Oh well, anyhoo, the game RAPELAY begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, "Can I help you with something?" Guess where it goes from there? Well we have a video if you want to see what happens next.
The Carbon Cops E-mail
Written by The Elder   

carbon cops sean fitzgerald Lish FejerThere is a show on in Australia called Carbon Cops which is about a nancy boy and his pet Feminist who push their agenda for global scamming. Gay right? you have no idea. Ok, wow, lets watch a show about candy asses looking under rocks for carbon emission and who tell on you for having a good time "wasting energy". Carbon cops? Oh yeah, they are people who go around and make sure you aren't cooking steaks, taking long showers, going for joy rides, downing beers and using masculinity. Sounds like a blast. Instead the show is a premise for setting the stage for a bunch of snitches who instead of growing up and having fun will be telling on others who are having fun. 

The Most Powerful Man In the Universe E-mail
Written by Matt Stone   
heman riding battlecatHe-Man also referred to as "The Most Powerful Man in the Universe!" is a heroic comic book character turned cartoon in the 1980’s in America. I remember watching He-man and wanted to be a bad ass of masculinity as he was. He-man basically represented the natural existence of hetero-sexual men in a time where feminization was quickly yet covertly spreading throughout the 1980’s. If you hadn’t noticed, the best cartoons were in the 1980’s and now it’s a bunch of Candy Ass Sissy Mary hugs for holidays anime crap. If you get a chance youtube some Heman clips and laugh your ass off at how bad ass he was!
What does Michelle Obama and Childhood Obesity Have in Common? Tank Ass E-mail
Written by The Elder   

 fat michelle obamaMichelle Obama condemns childhood obesity by pointing the finger at bad role models but never at her own obese ass. And that's the memo.

Why Is Janeane Garofalo Relevant? E-mail
Written by Trey Parker   

janeane garofalo Hi, I am Janeane Garofalo. You may remember me from such films as, "Not Really Popular Enough To Be In One", "I Was Almost In That One" and "Why I Am Never In One". I have just recently landed a break through role on the ever popular television series 24, starring Kieffer Sutherland. I was able to get this role by using the "If You Don't Higher Me I Will Claim Unfair Practices" Feminist card. I like to hug trees and believe in things that have no practical or efficient uses in the real world, but hey, I'm relevant.