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Big Boss Brewery E-mail

 big boss brewing companySome friends and I went on a local beer tour in Raleigh NC. If you are running out of things to do where you live I recommend checking out to see if you have any local breweries where you live. For one, there is nothing better than craft beer made on your back door step and two, supporting local business is awesome. That and craft beer will get you really messed up. So the place we toured was called Big Boss Brewing Company. If you are tired off trendy beer and you are passing through NC, grab a six pack. The tour moves on.

2009 Winners of Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Contest E-mail

doritos crash the superbowl contestDoritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest is on again! The recession may soon be a distant worry for a group of guys from Cary North Carolina! These average Joes entered the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest with not one commercial but a second to the final round! They need your votes in order to win $3.6 million if they sweep the national video contest for best commercial for Frito-Lay. I urge anyone who loves Doritos, dogs and respects the chance for your fellow man to win big to vote for Doritos ads "Underdog" / "Kids these Days" and make the recession end for some poor 20 somethings. its guy code!

Brooke Hogan Dates This D Bag? E-mail

 yannique barker and brooke hoganReality star and trying to be singer Brooke Hogan, is reportedly dating a 24 year-old rapper Yannique Barker, aka Skinny Douche, na just kidding aka Stacks (with a $ in place of the S because that is so cool.) I actually remember when this douche weasel was on her reality tv show. Hulk Hogan made a funny disappointing face when he asked is this eugenics disaster was coming to her party. Anyway, here is Brooke Hogan, a good looking and sturdy built woman dating a guy who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Howard Stern is Sirius Radio E-mail

howard stern and sirius radio Howard Stern is alive and well and broadcasting on Sirius Radio. Sirius is a star system 8 light years away from earth and this is where Stern performs his satellite radio show from. The broadcast is done from Sirius because the FCC and other Sissy Mary political correctness sensitive feeling limp wristed douche bags can't complain. Let's face it, 8 lights years is too far for litigious law suits to reach and people who Love freedom of expression can subscribe to freedom and hear whatever they want to on Sirius radio. Stern is the obvious bastard poster child for a great concept of free radio the only catch is it's not free but then again neither is freedom, but paying is worth it.

Ashley Madison a Website for Cheating E-mail

ashley madison the cheating whore Are you unhappy in your marriage? Don't worry, you now can set up a discreet secret affair via a website application in a town near you! Thanks Ashley Madison!

DJFM E-mail

DJFM better known to his friends as Jon G, has had a life long fascination with the harp strings of music. Before he became DJFM, he was in an alternative rock band called S.G.O that toured around the mid 1990's until their break up in 1997. However Jon's ambition for musical exploration would not end in 97, but rather to form what is now DJFM. More specifically, tech house music was really coming of age and Jon along with producer Tom Mohbat together put out what would later be DJFM's debut album "break up".

Men Are Better Than Women by Dick Masterson E-mail

Men Are Better Than WomenDick Masterson is the only man who could steal aviator sun glasses from the block buster hit Top Gun and pull it off all for himself. Dick is the General George Patton of the calm the fuck down, its just because your fat and ugly movement against feminism. We are honoring his on going campaign against the fat and unattractive bitterness of feminism and its attempts to redefine masculinity in a conquered tail covering the genitals form. Dick has written a book called, "Men are better then Women" and it champions the old ways of when things had an answer and not just a indescribable feeling of gray matter. In other words, when women were given too much freedom they make a mess of things and try to change what doesn't need to be fixed. Dick Masterson goes into a strict XY constructionist view of this in his book. If you do not read it you may have to see if your balls have dropped off.