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Submission Guidelines

What To Submit

Please submit things having to do with being a guy or what would interest guys That's pretty wide open. For example, any scenario having to do with food, beer, football, girls nagging, hot chicks, more hot chicks, even more hot chicks, hook up techniques, banging, making fun of feminism, making fun of weenie guys, or anything that emphasizes or threatens male dominance. It can be a serious article or a joke, either one is fine.

What Not to Submit

Please do not send any racial humor. I hate to post politically correct warnings but this one must stand. We are trying to unite guys on all fronts here. Anything else is fine but if you post something about how to set the clock on a DVD player it will not be posted. In acceptation to, if you can make it manly then it will work. In conclusion, if you take the time to write it and it does not contain racial crap, we will most likely post it.

What’s Encouraged to Submit

We love stuff posted about anti-feminism. Feel free to drag your ass all over the drive way of feminism and post for the world to see. Making fun of politicians who get caught with their pants down is also another good one. Anything about a hot female celebrity in any scandal or compromising position.

You Must Register To Submit

You must register to be able to submit articles. When you register and sign in you will be able to see a user menu where the option to submit is located. Click it and you will see an editor and a place to type your article. If you do not know how the editor works but know what you want to type, then type it. We will add the bells and whistles (pictures) after it’s reviewed and format it for you (Its not that hard though unless you you share sympathy with feminism). You will also be able to go back and edit your article by signing in and seeing an edit tag in the top right hand corner of the article once it's accepted.

Before You Submit

When you click save the article is sent to us for review and you can not alter it after its saved. You may edit it later when it is approved. Make sure all your information is ready before saving.



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