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Term Definition
in and out

1. the old one tag smash bash of sex lasting a fleeting one night stand.

2. put it in pull it out and you shake it all about. 

3. a quicky 

68 and I owe you one girl

1. Girl who doesnt blow you after you go down on her.

2. Any girl who plays on an all girls sports team.

3. Girl version of Rick Derris (Clerks)

a Winona

1. To steal shit

2. A cleptomaniac


1. To be convinced solely by yourself that the reality you are perceiving in your own head is real when in fact the girl you are obsessed with wants nothing to do with you and the restraining order against you is a figment of reality.

2. What you are before you actually kill the girl you are possessed with. 

3. Someone who is obsessed with the XX chromosomes of a well liked girl who you both hate and love and want to kill and marry.  

Anal Diddling
  1. Whatever Bill O\'Reilly did to that fat chick.
  2. The art of stuffing an apple up a pigs ass while it being a fat chick altogether.
Ass Clown
  1. An ass.
  2. A douche bag trying to be funny.
  3. A asshole jerk.
  4. One, who through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in societys collective underwear.
Ass Hat
  1. Ass hat a person with their head so far up their ass that they could wear it as a hat.
Ass Massacre
  1. How your ass feels after anal sex with an inexperienced person.
Author: Ice Man
-when you have had sex numerous times after a long stint without it-when you are at a social scene, you feel invincible and that you can get any chick you want-if you do not get laid, you will not care one bit
Ass Monkey
  1. A person who, for all intents and purposes, has never learned a god-damned thing. One who maintains a blissful ignorance of the world that simultaneously inspires amusement, disgust, and despair in all who are unlucky enough to encounter him.
  2. An awkward neighbor or boyfriend/girlfriend in your dorm who invites himself/herself to meals, parties, and other social events. Ass monkeys attach themselves to specific groups or individuals by seeing that other individuals are able to invite themselves to events but still be welcomed companions.
Atomic Fart
  1. A fart with fallout. More than a wet fart. Usually unintended. Begins as gas, but finishes with value added.
  2. A very smelly fart and causes people to gasp for air and eventually have to open the windows.
Baby Batter
  1. Semen, ejaculate, cum.
  2. A penis.
Balloon Knot
Author: Tori

1. Butt Hole

2. Anus

3. tight ass

balls drop off syndrome

1. To be such a candy ass you are only male by appearance.

2. A guy who can not even grow pubic hair because he is such a public school system pussy.

3. Not being able to be a man because of fear of political correctness

Balls out Natalie
  1. Referring to a girl is is crazy but in a good way.
  2. A girl who is a Tomboy.
  3. A chick who has no shame.
Balzac Blastos
  1. A ridiculously funny statement that has absolutely no meaning what so ever.
  1. When you have a friend who is really a nice guy but tries way to hard and who always ends up messing things up for you and the group.
  2. Someone who sweats your balls and really cramps your style.
  3. A big baby Huey of a guy that trips all over your style and embarrasses the shit out of you.
  4. A guy you take to the mall to have someone to laugh at, at unknowingly at their own expense.
  5. A guy who has no concept of style or coolness and who says the most retarded things at parties causing the people their to think you are a douche for knowing him.
Bame-ing it

Verb of the term Bame.

  1. Being a douche bag by yourself.
  2. Having no one to hang out with.
  3. Being tired lonely and desperate.
  4. Going to look at cars that do not fit your physical size.
Author: Ice Man
Your ballsack.
Beef Curtain

Stretched out and saggy vaginal lips.  Yet another synonym for the female genitalia, specifically the inner labia. Sometimes used in conjunction with rainbow tint--referring to the color gradation at the ends of sliced roast beef.

When I got one look at her beef curtain, I pulled up my pants.

Beef Curtains
  1. Bottomless restaurant.
  2. The most awesomest resturant.
  1. A cute way of calling a girl bitch.
Big Brown Horn
  1. Your butt hole.
  2. Asshole.
Big Ern

Referring to the Character played by Bill Murray in King Pin the movie.

  1. Being the man at everyones expense and loving it.
  2. Suckering people in to take advantage of them be cause your the effing man.
  3. When you are blwoing with friends the top name if Big Ern and everyone competes for that title.
Big Foot
  1. Mythical beast in North America and other parts around the world that kidnap unsuspecting women and mate with them.
big hat and herds of Texas Longhorns

1. for a guy to be fully loaded with 15 lb cock and dynamite in the sack.

2. to be a porn video when you are having sex.

3. big dong on the lawn raw sexual power animal instinct and still be home in time for cornflakes.

big hat no cattle

1. all talk and nothing to show

2. running your mouth and not being able to backn it up.

3. writing checks your body can\\\'t cash

Author: Tori

1. To get knocked up by a boyfriend, husband, and/or some dude you are irresponsibly banging...

2. The consequences of not using a rubber to bang the beer goggle induced attractive prospect you met last night a the club

3. Verb: Did you here about (insert urban/trailer trash name) she got bigged. Verb: He bigged her4. Collecting well fare off your kids you got bigged with only for your off spring to get bigged and continue the cycle of Government funding...Damn she got bigged again? Every time I see her she is bigged with somebody\'s kid.

Bill Clinton
  1. Perhaps one of the greatest living example of marital Guy Code to date.
  2. What actually is, is, is that I am the effing man William Jefferson Clinton.
  3. A guy who can write his own ticket.
  1. Blow job.
Blowing Sphincter Whistle
  1. To fart, pass, gas, let loose the goose.
Blue Balls
  1. The medical condition that results from a girl being a cock tease which causes your balls to ache in need of sexual relief.
  2. An excuse to look at porn and jerk off.
Boogar Sugar
Author: Fran
  1. Cocaine.
booty dooty

1. The treasure nuggets of whatever comes out of the ass of a hot female.


Author: Ice Man
Bros before hoes

1. The unwritten law that your bros (guy friends) should always come before hoes (bitches). 

2. The cliche guys use when a guy is becoming or suspected of being pussy whipped.

bump and dump

1. to have sex and then to bounce.

2. clever catch phrase having to do with taking a dump and then flushing as you would when you were done banging a chick.

Butt Chili
  1. Having diarrhea.
  2. Shitting in your pants.
Butt Puke
Author: Ice Man
-diarhea-(syn) Butt Vomit, Ass Puke, Ass Purge, Ass Bolemia 
Butt Pussy
Author: Ice Man
1. A Gay Guys Ass.
Butt Slug
  1. A turd.
  2. A mans penis during anal penetration.
Butt Trumpet
  1. Farting on purpose in a melody.
  1. Anal sex.
Author: Ice Man
1. Shortened version of \"Cock Block\"
  1. Cunt.
Candy Ass
  1. A guy who is afraid of confrontation.
  2. A guy who is a punk bitch.
  3. A chicken shit.
CanklesA reference to a pair of legs that have no defined end of the calf area as well as no defined beginning of the ankle area. Does not only refer to fatty legs, simply shapeless legs.

Perfect face, perfect body, smart and funny... but damn... i cannot handle them cankles!

Carolina Classic

When a guy puts chili or coleslaw on his penis and has the girl lick it off.

It is rumored to have originated in Edgecombe county North Carolina but there is a strong belief it originated in Marion County South Carolina. The use of chilli and cold slaw came to be because southerners thought it was too gay to have a chick lick whipcream off their penis so they thought of something a little more masculine. The spices from the chilli is also said to release endorphines that increase the male orgasm.

Cheat Sheet
  1. A random piece of paper you carry in your hand at clubs, parties, or a bar that you look at after you have made eye contact with a chick and then look back at her. She will get paranoid or curious and come talk to you about it; its a first contact technique.
  2. Hook up technique involving smoke and mirror tricks.
Cheese Dick
  1. A loser.
  2. A guy who is not only cheesey with the ladies, but is also an arrogant dick head. He almost definitely wears gel in his hair at all times and/or dresses in nice expensive clothes.

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