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Asshole Are Real Men

The truth is that assholes are real men plain and simple. A real man is both powerful physically and powerful mentally. He has an unwavering sense of selfishness that makes Women flock to their very nature with an unconscious yearn to be dominated or controlled. Think about it, women want to be told what to do just because they do not want to struggle to make a decision themselves. That's why real men always order the entree for the female, its not because he's a gentleman but rather making the choice for the woman so she doesn't have a nervous breakdown for having to actually choose something. Nice guys always ask the woman what she wants to eat and girls hate that!

The characteristics of asshole men are specific to each individual however we have formulated a stereotype for you. Most assholes are short tempered to irrationality (women) demanding with firm voices, stand up very quickly when pissed off, wear Axe body wash, does what they want to do with no consideration, belittles girlfriend in front of his friends and her friends, forgets to remember girlfriends birthday, hates light beer, is always in an open relationship but his girlfriend is not, uses coupons at restaurants, breaks up with his girlfriend before any major holiday, has a concealed carrier permit, loves the UFC but hates Dana White, laughs when little kids fall down, calls Pepsi Coke, never notices when his girlfriends gets a hair cut, and hates Neil diamond. There are many we left out but this shall give some insight to the character of an asshole.

The asshole male always get the hot chicks no matter how shitty he treats so goes the stereotype. For the record stereotypes are "reality types" just in case you were wondering therefore it is a fact that many women are attracted to assholes. Assholes possess a Dick Masterson persona on many levels of masculinity. Women unconsciously Love being told "no" because no other man has ever done it! That is the simple challenge, to say no and mean it. She will beg and plea for you to change your mind and that’s when the guy explodes with a violent NO! Women love being taken back to the history books of the might of right of a superior male and that’s why nice guys will always fail. Assholes are the echoes of a once powerful patriarch of which nature and GOD intended. (PLAY MY THEME MUSIC DAMNIT)

Regardless of a woman’s education or social standing, she will always be attracted to an asshole male. You see, women always want to change a man or want something they can not have. In most cases it’s like trying to wrestle a silver back gorilla with a back hoe. In other words, a man will never change and women will continue to ride the emotional roller coaster disappointment. Women claim to want the asshole man to love her the way she loves him but in the end, if he conforms to her desire of self change, she ends up leaving him because he no longer challenges her. LULZ

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Wes2880   |98.18.195.xxx |2013-12-15 17:12:25
They are. I used to be the nice guy back in like 96-2000. Nothing good came of
it. I became an asshole, not to get chicks, but because of what chicks have
done to me. Since I made the switch, good lord dude, it's insane the quim I get
and I'm not the sexiest dude on the web...
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