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Are Red Heads Good In Bed?

 Red heads were typically ignored or made fun of in school when I was growing up. Let's face it, red hair is not as common as brown, black or even blond. However, when you do see a red head, the color stands out more than any other and for years that was the case but not a very positive one. Most of the time red heads are of a fair complexion and thus painfully white. Well, as one gets older that attribute doesn't cause a hindrance but freckles speckled everywhere just still might. Yes, freckles are closely associated with red headed chicks, but then again, some do not have them. Recently thanks to Hollywood, red heads are starting to get more notice to their quality and the new trend is pushing red heads up at the front of the line.

Want To Date Redheads?

he gaining momentum of fame received by red heads can be attributed to the Hollywood actresses who have shown that red heads are sexy. Now more than ever, men are starting to dig the ride with growing interest. With both positive press and scandalous of the like, red heads who have been forever ignored are getting the lime light of curiosity by all men. There is an expression that "there is no such thing as bad press", so when a red head like Lindsay Lohan become a lesbian crack whore, it still gives attention to the plight of the red head and makes guys want to explore a red heads sexual capabilities even more. What was once ignored and even made fun of is turning into a treasure trove of sexual exploration. Are you starting to get the picture that red heads are an untapped resource as it matters to sexual conquest and desirability? The red head who sat on her parents porch while the other kids played is now being picked first for the kick ball team.

 I think red heads are the way to go for one obvious reason. NO ONE GOES FOR THEM! Red heads were the first # 3 intimidator before Earnhardt took the reigns. More over, red heads have been historically ignored by all avenues of pop culture save the last decade of 2000. With famous red heads such as Nicole Kidman, Juliane Moore, Gillian Anderson, Isla Fisher etc, more and more people have opened their eyes to the sexual existence of extravagant red heads. The red head is still new as it matters to being intentionally desired and more importantly, pursued by men of all classes. This means you should focus your efforts on red head chicks and you may find your batting average improving. A lot of time red heads are single, not because they are unattractive but because most men are too insecure to go after one.

For decades red headed chicks have been a tinder box waiting to explode if they were just given the opportunity. As I mentioned before, the lime light has always been on anything but red heads until now. Red heads are dying to make an impression on whom ever would court them or show them any interest. In all honesty, they would probably break your back in the sack with sexual aggression and release if just given the chance. I would say in the next 5 years, natural red heads will have to be put on the endangered species list because of all the Women who will now start dying their head red to pick up on some of that desired pop culture attention. You must hurry before the trend fully sets in. You do not want to miss out by not striking when the iron is hot.

So are red heads good in bed you ask, absolutely they are. Remember, red heads have been denied for decades as it matters to being able to date any guy of any social class as it matters to popular choice. Guys always when after the blonds and red heads got the unmentionables. Well, the sexual build up that exists inside a red headed chick makes Nagasaki and Hiroshima look like a fire cracker incident. Red heads are willing to try anything to make an impression on you and this kind of Sex life opportunity given to men is gaining notice. Pretty much at this early stage, a red head is willing to do almost anything sexually and if you do not jump on this before the trend wears out you will regret it. Remember, its only a matter of time before the red head becomes a regular chick and the once the trends wears off they will become regular prudish women who take men for granted.


 red heads Responsible for the New Red Head Trend


Amy Adams

Amy Adams break though role in my opinion was the movie Charlie Wilson's War. She played a liberal for her time but conservative in comparison to contemporary times. In contrast Adams was not a slut as most of the women were portrayed in that film. She was very proper and more importantly smart female supporting character. She represents to red head that you would want to take home to mom and probably not want to have fellatio with because that would interfere with her being placed as a most perfect angel on a alter of worship. Well, maybe not, however, she is a very good looking women whose red hair does not intimate and attracts the attention of many gentleman callers. 

 Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks plays an administrative secretary in the hit AMC series "MADMEN". She is also more or less the office slut but possesses a keen sense of street wise savvy. Hendricks character knows everything that goes on in the office, who is sleeping with who, what secrets are being told and what lies will or wont work. This cunning red head will be the doom of any man who crosses her in an ill manor. All the more, Hendricks is a smoking hot red head whose character was never meant to be a big part of the series but her dominating look and appeal caused her to have a greater role of importance. Hence red heads becoming more of a draw than their predecessor blonds.


 Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is technically a blond, however, her character Dana Scully from the hit television series "The X Files" started a catalyst that would cause men to open their eyes to red headed seduction. Seriously, every 9th grade guy fantasized about being with special agent Dana Scully. This is what paved the way for those boys to grow up to be men and caused them to embrace this new beast!

 Lindsay Lohan

Seriously, Lindsay Lohan was really cute and sweet when she first came out. Moreover, everyone liked her and respected her during those early years. she was that classic red head with freckled shoulders that everyone liked but did not want to go out with. She soon however became little miss bad girl and turned to Paris Hilton type shenanigans and got a lot of attention from guys. I mean, she went from house wife to whore in 30 seconds flat! So again, this type of red head would probable wind you up real good.


 Isla Fisher

Yes, Isla, the girl from Wedding Crashers. I'm sorry, the horny awesome slut who pretended to be a Virgin from Wedding crashers. Her character depicted a strong woman who lured her prey in for the sexual kill by using innocence while her true colors where painted whore. This type of red head was made famous by Isla Fisher. "I'll find you". She also married Sacha Baron Cohen.

 Marcia Cross

When I was younger I thought Marcia Cross was sexy as hell when she was on Melrose Place. She played the classic normal chick turned insane. she actually played a psychosis of schizophrenic on that series but she was a red head. Again, a major character being portrayed by a red head. This was waking people up to the notion that red heads where going to emerge as the new cash crop of hook up mania. 


 Julianne Moore

Juilanne Moore got our attention when she starred in the movie boogie Nights. She played a porn star who was jumping through the 1980's hoops of sex, rugs and rock and roll. Moore's performance in this roll introduced men to another type of girl who was a porn star but not a blond. It was setting up the events to come where girls later would be dying there hair red instead of blond.

 Nicole Kidman

Yes, Nicole Kidman is a natural red head. She of course now goes back and forth but normally settles as a strawberry blond. Nonetheless, she is a very popular actress who indeed is a red head. She also showed personal strength and growth when she quit listening to Tom Cruise controlling every aspect of her life and he left her. My point i that red heads are a strong force to be reckoned with. Now apply that to the party that most certainly exists in their panties.


Red Head Revelation

Remember, find the true red head and you find your sexual revelation. The real McCoy of a red headed woman will be like pulling Excalibur out of the stone and you will have found your passport to sexual heaven! You must act now before the secret is let out and there will be few and far between of red heads to pick from. Go after nothing but red heads if you wish to slam dunk your tally whacker of sexual conquests. You are unlocking a woman who has been denied the freedom of sexual expression and you can paint her canvas with whatever colors you wish. If you do not act now, this avenue of scoring will be watered down to a normal everyday event that will have no special standing. Most guys are derelicts so you have some time to start pursuing red heads.

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Toevil  - Ridiculous   |76.21.217.xxx |2009-12-12 09:38:04
Natural redheads are not desperate they are usually single because men are
idiots and cannot appreciate the passion that comes with many of us. As a
redhead this article both amused me at times for your stupidity and offended me
with ignorance. I have always had older men hit on me because they aren't
stupid. They know the value of a redhead. Go for your blonds, Your brunettes,
your tiny Asians, your masseuse. I do not care but you'll never have a ride like
you would with a redhead.
hrnym4u  - Red Heads Rule   |74.136.4.xxx |2010-11-08 14:01:13
Speaking from my own experience and as an older man. I find that true redheads
regardless of their size are beautiful and strong willed. They know they are
strong and alluring and will not play the stupid games of young men. A redhead
is beautiful woman and the man lucky enough to enjoy her company and her bed is
going to have one night he will never forget for the rest of his life. Blondes,
Brunettes...Asian's and all the rest are remembered...but they will never stick
out like a redhead. Redheads last forever and if a man is lucky enough to marry
one... all the other men will secretly be jealous. Trust me...I know...I married
redheadlover  - It's really true....   |24.238.2.xxx |2012-10-08 14:48:47
I've been with brunettes, black haired, blondes for my entire life but never a
red head. Finally I decided to take the plunge and got lucky with a super hot
redhead model... and it's true, she is freakier than all of them combined - puts
on an amazing show and has offered more than I could ever possibly have wished
for. Love her, love them, Redheads rule
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