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Shi'dea Lane The Women Who Was Upper Cutted E-mail
Written by Dan   



Tommy Sotomayor 4:00 Minutes In

 This is the extended version of the video incident. The video is then of Tommy Sotomayor speaking about the black experience men face against black women who act the way Shi'dea Lane did. I found what he was saying very enlightening because men for the most part can not defend themselves against women who act the way Shi'dea Lane acted. Anyway, the video is about Sotomayor's thoughts not mine.


The Smoking Gun Article:

 I was surprised to see all the female comments in support of the bus driver. Seriously, scroll down and read the comments at the bottom of the page. A lot of them will shock you. Quite frankly, if someone acts as barbaric as Lane did, what else can you expect? 



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